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Would like new rims...any ideas?

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Hello my little Birds...I have a 2000 Titanium Bird, just broke 120k, and no real problems. My rims are starting to look, well, bad. I would like something in gold, or at least something that looks good for the color and stays clean. I hear getting rims too light, may cause steering feel issues, but I am completely ignorant on rims. Any ideas out there? I am in California by the by.
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One thing to be mindful with Dymag rear wheels. The rear carrier is specific to that rim. Rollie, Bear found that out. Someone at a point in time when he was putting the bike together. Pushed it over and stole the rear tire. I remember Bear laughing about because whoever stole the wheel left the carrier. He said the rest of the wheel was useless to whoever stole it because the carrier and wheel are matched set.
I guess he found a replacement because that's who I bought them from when he parted Whitebird out. I also snagged his Ohlins front end and delinked brake system.
Did you notice any improvements over stock rims, as yours appear to be lighter ?!?
Yes the bike responds much quicker when I make an input to the bars.
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