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Cheers samz,

I only bought mine as a precaution....... the more I read, the more I think it probably wasn't necessary because we have a choice not to use ethanol blend fuels in Aus, unlike most UK and US and EU owners.

Anyway, I just bought mine from a Honda shoppe..... ex stock in melbourne, $134 for the "Regulator Assy" and $39 for the "Joint Set" it fits onto - I wouldn't have known about the joint set except I read a post on the forum...... and the parts girl didn't mention it when she was looking for the FP regulator....... but I figured since I was disturbing a 16yo FPR, maybe the o-rings might fall apart.........

I have yet to install it - my Bird has no issues like.... poor economy, backfire on startup, or poor performance or fuel smell in the sump, but I figured rather than buy a fuel pressure test gauge (to use only once), or pay for a workshop to test it, I'd buy a new FPR and install it myself.

I'm not sure if they are cheaper on line - I just went through my local Honda parts counter because the sheila is good looking :D.

(y) PS See if you can do better than me and post the results ;)
thanks For the reply,
i haven鈥檛 had any issues either. Not sure what to do as they don鈥檛 seem to fail while park in the garage.

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:LOL:..... ain't that the truth....... ;)

Reading the manual, Honda doesn't seem to specify a time or mileage but just state in the trouble shooting section that the FPR may cause poor fuel econ/bad starting/loss of pep.......(no mention of fuel in the oil, but I have read reports of that happening).

I had done a bit of an overhaul last Sept to prepare my Bird for regular action after recovering from hip surgery, so I can consider the $174 spend as just a precautionary part of that overhaul (my Bird had been flightless for nearly 3 years due to my health issues preventing me from riding it). I had been running it up to operating temp a couple of times a month during that time, so by 09/2020 it was time for coolant/plugs/brake fluid/oil/filters and tank rust treatment.. before they got too far out of time. So far so good, I've done a couple of 00kms and it feels and runs great...... next job will be to grease the wheel bearings when take the wheels off to get new tyres.

I think FPR failures were mainly with Birds using ethanol fuel which reacts with the diaphragm in the FPR. I feel confident my 05 running on good Aussie 95 unleaded (no ethanol) wouldn't suffer a FPR fault.... but......... at 16yo......... who knows for sure?.......... anyway, I've got the parts, all I need do now is get down and dirty with my Bird :devilish:


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At last, a quiet Sunday arvo...... time to get dirty,..... did the 10 second fuel flow rate and the Bird pumped the correct 220mls out so -Tick, fuel pump ok (y)

Then clear the FPR and remove it and the original joint set (it looked good, but I had a new one anyway), install the new FPR and joint set with new o rings and secure back in place same as before - Tick, FPR replaced (y)

Reconnect, start up and it all works with no fuel leaks.......... job done for another 16yrs - Tick (y)

PS I've been using various blocks of wood for 16yrs to hold the tank up, then I read for the first time in the workshop manual, that the axle wrench and extension tube handle are designed to do this........ just slip the extension tube into the recess near the frame mounts and slide it under the slot in the tank flange, then slip the handle of the axle wrench in, to secure it - Brilliant! .......... :ROFLMAO: .......... better late than never I suppose :rolleyes:. The things you learn by reading books! :devilish:
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