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What's in my Van - No 4

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As per previous threads, no prize etc!
A couple of photos include a big hint ......
Oh and for once this bike was sold in the US (and most other places.
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Hmmm, I guessed, I searched, I was wrong several times.Are we in the '70 or '60s? Smaller than 250cc ?
70's and larger ....
What's he bought now fgs?
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I'm still scratching my head, front and rear drum brakes suggests it could be a UK model but the headlight looks a bit like an early 70s Honda.
Some street scrambler styled thing. Early XT?
How about the bottom of the bike?
Wheel Tire Bicycle Bicycle wheel rim Vehicle

There is a big clue in the second photograph, look for the dash of colour, this is original. That should give you the manufacturer. The other big clue is the cylinder head ......
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I got it. Once you put up the last picture it finally popped into my head. Do I say it out loud?
Can't nail down the year, but some educating guessing and I think I got it. Fairly rare little,well mid size for the day Yamaha.
The third pic was the biggest clue for me.
1975 ?
The third pic was the biggest clue for me.
1975 ?
The shock? When I posted that photo I thought that was a big clue but only to you :) really specialised territory.
1975 probably but could be 74, waiting for a dating certificate.

Do I say it out loud?
Feel free if you want to......or you can choose not to and let others less certain to throw out guesses and see how many people get there.
I'll let people guess. I recognized the shocks but couldn't place them. The chain adjusters screamed out the country of origin. I knew the taillight was a big clue. And as soon as I saw the exhaust in contrast to the previous picture of the exhaust, it clicked.
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Yamaha DT of some description?
Nearly there ...
How many cc's?
@iXXion @Partsguy your thoughts please ....
Well here it is
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Nice one Pete. Going to be a sympathetic spruce up or full resto? Tried to get a chap I used to work with to sell me one of these. He wouldn't, so it's probably still rotting away in a damp barn somewhere:cry:
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