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Just replaced my thermostat housing and noticed something that everyone should be aware

At some time in the past I replaced my Thermostat, due to the unavailability of parts for the BB in Thailand (not sold here) I fitted what was supposed to be an equivalent from a honda car (civic I believe), although this thermostat was the same diameter and fitted into the housing this thermostat will not work in the BB cooling system, I will try to explain

The BB thermostat housing has a bypass channel from the pump, when the bike is cold and the thermostat is closed water is not circulated to the radiator - this is normal, but when the thermostat opens and as it extends it has a round plate on the base that effectively blocks this bypass channel - the Honda car thermostat does not have this plate on the base of the thermostat which means when it is open it does not close the bypass channel - this effectively means that less coolant is directed to the radiator because the bypass channel is still open.

It is just something to aware of if anyone has fitted a Honda car thermostat to their BB - although on paper the activation temp is the same it will not work properly because it does not have the plate on the base
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