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The adventure begins - HEL Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

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Well.... it has started: my testing of the HEL Stainless Steel Brake Line kit for the Blackbird:

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As I've mentioned previously, I won't do a Group Buy on a product without personally checking it out to ensure it's worthwhile. The kit is comprised of 8 physical lines (HEL indicates the kit has 10 lines, but 2 of these lines have two "sections" separated by a fitting, so HEL is apparently counting those as 2 separate lines). Also in the kit are 13 stainless steel banjo bolts, and a fistful of copper washers. One of the banjo bolts is a double-banjo (for the top of the Rear Master Cylinder).

At first I was a bit concerned about the lack of any instructions, but after examining the HEL lines, it is pretty obvious which line goes where. I will be posting a grunch of close up photos as I go along so y'all should have zero problems installing this kit.

HEL goes about things a bit differently than Spiegler: on the Spiegler kit, every single OEM line is replaced with a Spiegler line. HEL has elected only to replace the actual rubber OEM lines, and leave the existing metal hard lines in place. This is actually making this install go a lot faster. I am about halfway done; I should be able to install the rest of the lines tonight.

The eight (8) HEL lines attach as follows (see above photo of lines to follow along):

(1) This is one of two "double-section" lines. It connects from: Left front caliper, lower banjo bolt -> middle Secondary Master Cylinder fitting -> forward cross-over hard line.

(2) Left front caliper, upper banjo -> left (rearmost) cross-over (hard line)

(3) Upper Secondary Master Cylinder -> left steering neck fitting (hard line)

(4) Upper Delay Valve banjo -> right steering neck fitting (hard line)

(5) Lower Delay Valve banjo -> Right front caliper, lower banjo

(6) This is the second "double-section" line. It connects from: Right front caliper, upper banjo -> Right rearmost cross-over (hard line) -> Front Master Cylinder (where your brake lever resides)

(7) Rear caliper, rearmost (center piston) banjo - top of rear master cylinder.

(8) Rear caliper, forward banjo -> top of Proportional Valve​
All this may sound daunting at first, but this install is going a LOT easier than the Spiegler install. And, I have to admit, of the two brands, I am favoring the HEL lines for build quality and workmanship. Every length is *perfect*, and the critical orientation (angle) of each fitting is a perfect replication of the stock fitting orientation. It's a pretty damn impressive kit.

Full write-up and a million close-up photos when I am done.....
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That's very weird that line was gone. I take it this wasn't ridden recently with that line gone.
I've been riding it since I bought it back in 2012 from a former member here. Haven't had any issues with the bike other than a dead battery last summer.
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