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The adventure begins - HEL Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit

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Well.... it has started: my testing of the HEL Stainless Steel Brake Line kit for the Blackbird:

View attachment 1690

As I've mentioned previously, I won't do a Group Buy on a product without personally checking it out to ensure it's worthwhile. The kit is comprised of 8 physical lines (HEL indicates the kit has 10 lines, but 2 of these lines have two "sections" separated by a fitting, so HEL is apparently counting those as 2 separate lines). Also in the kit are 13 stainless steel banjo bolts, and a fistful of copper washers. One of the banjo bolts is a double-banjo (for the top of the Rear Master Cylinder).

At first I was a bit concerned about the lack of any instructions, but after examining the HEL lines, it is pretty obvious which line goes where. I will be posting a grunch of close up photos as I go along so y'all should have zero problems installing this kit.

HEL goes about things a bit differently than Spiegler: on the Spiegler kit, every single OEM line is replaced with a Spiegler line. HEL has elected only to replace the actual rubber OEM lines, and leave the existing metal hard lines in place. This is actually making this install go a lot faster. I am about halfway done; I should be able to install the rest of the lines tonight.

The eight (8) HEL lines attach as follows (see above photo of lines to follow along):

(1) This is one of two "double-section" lines. It connects from: Left front caliper, lower banjo bolt -> middle Secondary Master Cylinder fitting -> forward cross-over hard line.

(2) Left front caliper, upper banjo -> left (rearmost) cross-over (hard line)

(3) Upper Secondary Master Cylinder -> left steering neck fitting (hard line)

(4) Upper Delay Valve banjo -> right steering neck fitting (hard line)

(5) Lower Delay Valve banjo -> Right front caliper, lower banjo

(6) This is the second "double-section" line. It connects from: Right front caliper, upper banjo -> Right rearmost cross-over (hard line) -> Front Master Cylinder (where your brake lever resides)

(7) Rear caliper, rearmost (center piston) banjo - top of rear master cylinder.

(8) Rear caliper, forward banjo -> top of Proportional Valve​
All this may sound daunting at first, but this install is going a LOT easier than the Spiegler install. And, I have to admit, of the two brands, I am favoring the HEL lines for build quality and workmanship. Every length is *perfect*, and the critical orientation (angle) of each fitting is a perfect replication of the stock fitting orientation. It's a pretty damn impressive kit.

Full write-up and a million close-up photos when I am done.....
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David those previous posts were 9 years ago. Don't expect a response...
I may have saved Warchilds original picture files. I’ll double check for them. The actual install is rather easy once you get to doing it. As per normal the bleeding of the system can be a bit lengthy. That said my install and bleed went very well as I recall.

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Any help would be appreciated, best wishes, David.
Any help would be appreciated, best wishes, David.

Check ck your Hotmail if you haven’t already.

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I know this is very old thread and the original photos are no longer available. Does anyone still have the installation photos that Warchild referenced?
I will check the archives (hard drive) and report back. That will not be before this evening or tomorrow some time as there is family issues taking precedence over bike stuff at the moment.
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Thanks very much. I had the Hel kit with the 60mm extension and clutch line for about two years and haven't opened the package. After opening it, it seems the lines don't make any sense. Having the pictures should put the issue to rest. Again, thanks, man.
I didnt take pics of hose vs hose but one thing i did do was label each old hose before removal and not all at once. Then you can side by side do a matchup. It became clear as i worked through that process. I overhauled all cylinders and reservoirs and calipers at the same time. Small issue to observe on front left caliper banjo and how its seated/ routed. Someone else here helped in a thread about that. Good luck. Well worth the work. With the overhauls it does become a big job. I also got 2 extra lines made by hel across front guard as i could not get the hard pipe lines to seal.
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I have found the pictures that Warchild shot. Send me a PM with email info and I will send them out, hopefully, this evening. I've got a few shots of my own install that I will include. I'd print Warchilds install words as a ref so you will have them in hand. I removed the front fender to protect against brake fluid damage (it removes paint!!!!!!). Thats all for now.

Tony..."Brakes only slow me down"...Bagley
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This is a fairly important thread considering that the Hel kit doesn't come with instructions for our particular application; even a line drawing with the new lines routed would have been fine. Add into the mix that the lines are not marked and are not a one-for-one swap. I don't want to shit on Hel but I thought with was going to be somewhat easier than the experience I've had.

I got lines test fitted, routed and hand tight just to see what the whole picture should look like. Soon I'll mark them and remove again so I can rebuild the calipers and assorted other parts in the brake system.

Please have a look at the following pictures and comments. I need some feed back before I decide to remove the Hel kit and go with another brand.

In this pic, the front port goes to the PCV. Due to the way the banjo is angled and line is made I cannot flip it, this will result in the line not fitting correctly at the PCV end.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Vehicle

Another view, the angle seems slightly off to me.
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

The line going up is from the front port to the PCV. The other line is from the rear port to the master cylinder.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

Here is a shot of the Hel line on the PCV.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive exterior Automotive design

This is the front master cylinder and this is what initiated by confusion on the kit. The original set up has two brake lines from the master cylinder to the lower workings on the fork calipers. Unless there is line missing, it's going to stay like this.
Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design

Here's a shot of the right caliper and the lines. The line coming from the top port of the caliper goes up to the front brake lever with the hard line manifold bolted to the delay valve. I hope this is correct.
Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Vehicle Automotive tire

Another view of the right caliper.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Locking hubs

I go up a bit to the delay valve which is connected with a hard-line to the left manifold. I hope this is correct too.
Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Bicycle frame

A closer pic the delay valve. You can't really see the hard-line from the valve to the left side.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle Cable Gas

But you can see the other side here.
Automotive tire Audio equipment Bicycle part Gas Auto part

It seems I've reached the limit of pics....continuing below.
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Here's the hard-line and manifold, etc
Microphone Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bicycle tire

There is only one hard-line on the front and I've reused it as you can see here. How in the HELL am I suppose to get a line that goes from the Hel manifold on the right to the left, did they leave a line out or am I expected to source a home made line? This part pisses me off. I could be doing this all incorrect and I'm reaching out for help on this part.
Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Audio equipment Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Bumper

Here's the left caliper, what a pain to get those lines done.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle brake

Another view...
Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior

Mounted the left and right manifold to the frame with M6-1.0x40mm socket cap screws.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle brake Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Hood Fender

Anyhow, I'd like some feedback on my install. I need information on the missing hard-line too. I think I've had it with Hel and considering getting the kit from Spiegler.
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Not having done this project I have no specific info, but it looks like you have raised handlebars? Are the lines made for this? Possibly causing a mixup? Just a thought.
I ordered the correct extended lines, 60mm. The same for the clutch line.
Marc, I will shot photos of my Bird install and send them out. I suggest that you not give up on the HEL set just yet.
I also have archive info on brake caliper rebuilds and would mention that the fact parts manual has a seal part# error.
Stand by Marc and I’ll help as I can bro.
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Thank you very much! You can see, from the pictures, that I'm somewhat frustrated with this upgrade.
Marc, I have yet to shoot those photos of my install, but.... I've reviewed your photo's above and notice......your kit is not the same as my kit!!! It appears to me that the HEL Bird kit has been "upgraded"(?) or at least changed to a degree. The connective blocks at the upper front fork area are very different than mine and Warchilds kits. In the mean time, I've found a few pictures from my archives that may help or not. These are front caliper shots

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle brake Automotive lighting
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Marc, I will shot photos of my Bird install and send them out. I suggest that you not give up on the HEL set just yet.
I also have archive info on brake caliper rebuilds and would mention that the fact parts manual has a seal part# error.
Stand by Marc and I’ll help as I can bro.
Hello TigreST! Don't want to hijack this thread ! But would love to see yur ''...archive info on brake caliper rebuilds...'' I'm at that point before de-linking my system.
Here's a link to site archive post related to caliper rebuilding I did some time ago. This may help. The main focus was to highlight the part# error for one of the calipers as listed in the factory (and on-line) parts manual.

Brake caliper seal quetion? Things that make you go...


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I wanted to do a follow up on my Hel install. It turns out that in my particular situation I need to create a secondary hard-line; I don't know why I don't have this line as my brake system is stock. Anyhow, I hit up my local FLAPS (Fucking Lame Ass Parts Store) and picked up a length of brake line and a few extra fittings.

Green Font Advertising Grass Rectangle

I have a flare kit and bender. After a few attempts, I was able to create a brake line that looks like this. The scale on my mat is in inches.

Azure Rectangle Aqua Pattern Electric blue

So now I have a line to complete my Hel brake install. The new line are using the silver fittings.

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Rim

Bicycle part Gas Auto part Machine Cylinder

Now that I got that situated, it's time to rebuild the calipers, etc.
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