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Tank bag and genuine panniers - off 2005 model to 2000 model?

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Looking to buy genuine CBR1100 panniers and tank bag off 2005 model for my 2000 model (fuel injected).

Can anyone tell me if they will swap over between these models?

Have vague memory that tank size changed slightly but I think that was the pre-fuel injected models to fuel injected.


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To the best of my knowledge, OEM panniers were never offered…at least not on this side of the pond. I’ve seen many VTEC (VFR800) panniers on ‘birds but not sure how the mounts were affixed to the rear upper cowl. I do know that all the rears are the same with the exception of the tailight lense on the b’bird since ‘97 (‘96 on your side). So, if it they fit one ‘bird, they’ll fit another! GIVI made a great set btw…which is what I’ve used since ‘97!
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