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Hello All. I don't have a Bird, but I'm doing some investigation into the in's and out's of owning one.
From what I've read and watched on YouTube it's just a matter of looking for the right deal.
Pretty sure I want a Bird with the digital dash just so my old eyes can see the speed! Full luggage seems easy to find fitted on the bikes I've seen so far.
I'm 6ft tall with long legs, will I need lower pegs and bar risers or maybe flat bars?
Flat bars are interesting to me, but do they make the bike steer strange when it's designed for more weight over the front wheel?
Cheers Rog

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Hi Rog
I can see the attraction of the digital dash, my 99 Bird has the 200mph clocks and the increments are rather small for somebody who has been long sighted for my whole life ..... well that's my excuse.

I always suggest trying to ride the Bird for a month or so before changing the riding position. If you can't get on with it then make changes and do them one at a time.

I machined up my own peg lowering blocks when I was having 'hip problems' only to eventually discover that I had a lump of bone broken off my pelvis and needed a full replacement hip!
I added Gilles bars when my Daily Bird became my long distance tourer and I instantly got high speed head wobble. Changed the screen which got rid of the head wobble ..... but this added more weight to my damaged wrists!

Which is why I say 'try before you change' you can end up chasing your tail.

FWIW the Bird is front end heavy so changing to flat bars doesn't really have a big effect.
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