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I will try to keep all related pictures on page one.

Clean, inspect, replace and prep. calipers

Parts ready for paint(High heat!)

Clean, inspect, replace and prep. bolts

Clean, inspect, replace and prep. bolts

Prior to painting ALL parts will have a base coat... Bolts sockets protected with wax.

Almost done!

Rotors painted...


COMPLETE! (Painting the coil was a real pain in the gluteus maximus!)

First coat...
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Hello Fellow Fighter Pilots! Been doing alot of work of the wrapping kind. Lots of pics. Might have to skip some projects to get the bike on the road. Such as my crash wings. They are 50% complete and require more work, and a few other doo dads... But for now this is what I've been working on. Partial pics more to come!

EXHAUST WRAPPING(Landlords messy work shop!)
Electrical wiring Motor vehicle Gas Engineering Machine

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Hand tool Tool Bicycle part Auto part Plastic

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exhaust Bumper

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust

Automotive tire Cylinder Gas Engineering Auto part

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Jaw

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Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Engineering Tread

Automotive tire Engineering Gas Wood Machine

Plant Wood Gas Terrestrial plant Tree

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Unfortunately wasted a whole year waiting on painted rims... So I said ''Screw that! I'll do it myself! How hard could it be!!!'' I'll save a crap ton of $$ and learn along the way...
Wood Wood stain Rectangle Floor Table

Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain Plank

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Wood stain

Wheel Automotive tire Wood Wood stain Hardwood

Wheel Wood Flooring Hardwood Wood stain

Will need to remove existing silver paint and do a light sanding. Followed by 2 cans of gloss white APPLIANCE EPOXY PAINT. That has an ultra hard enamel/finish. Will use TWO cans for each rim...
Brown Liquid Fluid Cosmetics Paint

Preping front rim...
Bicycle Wheel Tire Automotive tire Crankset
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After doing all this work I decided to powder coat for better durability. So removed all the paint. Actually was easy to remove and chip!
Rectangle Font Metal Auto part Art

Textile Purple Rectangle Wood Tablecloth

New powder coating equipment... Waiting on powder. Gloss Black, Lollipop red and Clear gloss.
Shipping box Package delivery Packing materials Wood Carton

Light Product Wood Cable Audio equipment

Font Circle Metal Carmine Measuring instrument

High temp polyester plugs...
Rectangle Red Material property Plastic Font


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Compressor and powder came in today!
Helmet Sports gear Bicycle helmet Automotive tire Motorcycle helmet

Wood Triangle Font Rectangle Wood stain

Brown Font Wood Electronic device Publication
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Well, rim job came out better than expected with only one tiny little run. So I will allow one week to dry and wet sand it with probably 800 or maybe 1000 grit and apply one more coat and that’s it done! Really happy with the results! Saved myself a ton crap of money in the process and NOW I know how to paint rims!😃 (Cost per rim $350! So $700. My cost for one rim 6(7hrs) and $40 for stovetop ultra hard enamel paint!). Rear rim will be done in half the time! Soooo... 10 hrs and $85 worth of paint! 😃👍🏾
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Door Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Automotive design Alloy wheel Wheel Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Three layers...
Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Hubcap

Wood Automotive design Wheel Alloy wheel Rim

Wood Natural material Rim Art Wheel
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Nice job on header man .. well done

Envoyé de mon SM-S908W en utilisant Tapatalk
Nice job on header man .. well done

Envoyé de mon SM-S908W en utilisant Tapatalk
Thanks man! In part to you! Many Fighter Pilots on this forum(And a few from other Blackbird forums!) have inspired me to do AMAZING work on my Blackbird! (y)
Hello Fellow Fighter pilots! Still working on rims and adding some Black vinyl here and there... Will have pics of finish product soon! Waiting for FULL curing. In the mean time, did my first test of powder coating on rear disk bolt! Came out GREAT! Looking forward to completing ALL my bolts and bits!

Cardboard wrapped with aluminum foil

Drinkware Dishware Serveware Wood Flooring

Sleeve Grey Art Carmine Linens

Outerwear Sleeve Collar Natural material Jewellery

Dress Sleeve T-shirt Collar Magenta

Hand Gesture Wood Thumb Finger

Gesture Finger Wood Gas Eyelash

Hand Household hardware Finger Gas Nickel

Automotive lighting Bottle Wood Wine Gas

  • Lollipop red
  • Stove set at 390F for 15 minutes
  • Once cooked, cracked oven door for kool down
  • 20 minutes KOOL down.

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Powder coating bolt set up.

Rectangle Font Fashion accessory Electric blue Metal

Green Table Rectangle Aqua Recreation

Rectangle Gas Font Office equipment Wood

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Final PC Red bolts and bits...

Green Gas Circuit component Grass Electronic component

Green Black World Textile Art

Fluid Wood Gas Paint Engineering

Rectangle Pink Red Font Magenta

Plant Photograph Liquid Font Red

Came out really well! And a lot more durable that anodizing! I can now powder coat! Man! The things I’ve learn during this build has been amazing compared to my first build... By the way! If ya like what you see, don’t be shy give it “👍🏾“ 😃
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PC parts cont...

Pink Art Red Creative arts Magenta

Wood Font Red Toy Jewellery

Creative arts Red Body jewelry Cuisine Font

Red Body jewelry Creative arts Finger Magenta

Food Red Ingredient Plant Jewellery

Body jewelry Red Earrings Jewellery Metal

Red Jewellery Magenta Body jewelry Auto part

Wood Red Toy Jewellery Recreation

Food Body jewelry Amber Natural foods Wood

Parts are really looking GOOD! You may notice a couple parts seem darker!? Not quite sure how that happened but I suspect maybe too much heat? OR uneaven spray? Not quite sure... However, don't think I'll have that problem with Black or white... Still have a couple of large pieces to do then I move onto to BLACK powder coating. This is alot of fun! I swear! If my oven was 2 to 3 inches wider I would have powder coated my rims!
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PC rotors... I had originaly painted them, however they wouldn’t match with PC bolts...

Didn't get a chance to clean around the edges!

Looks so much better!
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Looking great my friend. Need a wider oven… befriend a nearby restaurant owner or bakery?
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Hey my man Malo! Yep coming along fine! But still have soooo much work to do! I have the whole month of July off and pushing hard to have it all done so my G and I can go for a nice trip!
Powder Coated(PC) passenger hangers...

So after PC some 60 pieces finally had a small problem with hanger coating. I could leave it! But I'm NOT happy with it. So, will redo...

Not quite sure how this happened since it's been double cleaned AND degreased. AND surface is smooth with no defects!

Can't really see it here BUT it's there! Not happy! So going to strip it down to the metal(Pain in the azz!) an re-do it.

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Love looks like you picked up some foreign matter while coating. Putting the electrostatic charge on the part means it'll grab dust in the air as well.
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Isn't that area under the bodywork so won't be seen? Yes being a perfectionist is one thing (and congratz on excellent work) thing but add a tad of pragmatist and save yourself time/ resources. You can always go back later once project complete?
Thanks Beestoys! But in the end it was a blemish on the metal itself. Even after sanding still came out with a spot!
Thanks Malo! Blimey! NOW you tell me! Lolol quite right! But already done... No biggie! And now moving on to Black powder coating. Still have driver pegs to do in red but first have to cut out Honda wing... Migh have found a better méthode than hack saw cut like in first build.

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