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Radiator removal. WTF ?

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I am trying to remove the Radiator on my 2004 'Bird to fit a 4-1 exhaust on it. I know you dont have to, but with me being 6ft 6ins tall & having hands like shovels, i think its best to remove it just in case ! :thumb:
I've drained it & remover the hoses and unbolted it from the oil cooler. the bottom rubber grommet has been disconnected & it still wont budge !
Ive also just had a knee operation & cant kneel on the ground, have no bike lift and am tearing my hair out !!!
Any advice, even piss taking would brighten my fast becoming dreary life ! :idunno:
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Honda Motorcycle Parts 2003 CBR1100XX A RADIATOR Diagram Are you using the Hanes or the like? I've watched it but not done it myself. Good Luck

PS, John, at Jaws, thinks the Hanes is better suited for your outhouse.
Have you taken the fairings off? :poke:
Firstly if you havent already then download the workshop manual then download if from this thread.

Refer to section 6.9 I think that your possibly forgetting to slide the rad to the left after undoing the mounting bolts...
Thanks everyone. The Haynes is now in the "Outhouse" !
Any more probs , i know where to come.
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Hey, Happy Allen.

The rad has an upper mounting bolt that feeds through from the left side of the bike. A real bastard to see and to get to. 10mm bolt head from memory. Long MoFo. Use a long socket extension. Pull it right out and then slide the rad towards you, it slides out of a lug on the right.

This method is used on a 97, am picking not a hell of a lot changed going to the injected birdies.

Failing that, Just undo the lower mounting bolt and push the rad as far forward as you can, holding it in place with a suitable piece of wood. Removal of front fender gives you more room to swing the rad forward.
being a lazy git all I did was swing the rad forward when I changed my headers saved farting about draining it etc.................thats just something else I could break being hamfisted
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Spray some rust buster on the threads of the studs and nuts that hold the header to the head and let it sit for a while.
Don't be surprised if a couple studs come out of the head, rather than the nut coming off.
Just remove the lower mounting bracket of the radiator...and slightly pull the bottom end of the rad will give you some more room...

Mine is a carbed 1998. I would like to share with you a more detailed tutorial to remove the radiator, since I found the service manual trick on some steps, and had to figure out by myself.

First off, bear in mind that the radiator and the air guide must be removed together, and then, once off the bike, you may detach them from each other.

1) Drain the coolant
2) Remove BOTH upper cowl covers
3) Remove BOTH Inner panels
4) Disconnect all four hoses in this order: Siphon Tube, air bleed tube, upper hose and lower hose
5) Disconnect the fan - (a) four bolts, (b) unplug the white connector and (press it on both sides) (c) unplug the black connector, on the right side of the radiator - just push backwards, holding in the corner.
6) Release both transparent plates, by unscrewing a plastic screw.
7) Detach both the air guide plate - didn't exist in my bike :-(
8) Release the air guide from the oil cooler hoses on BOTH sides - both from a hook in the front and try to take the hose off the air guide in the back. Also, in my bike, there were two bolts that hold the air guide attached to the upper cowl. This one I had to figure out, as it was not in the manual. Flash a light underneath the upper cowl, right above the wheel, and you will see them. Releasing the air guide is the most trick part of all.
9) Unscrew the upper mounting bolt + collar - no need of a screw driver, the head is hexagonal
10) release radiator from the lower bracket

Now the radiator is hanging in the air guide only. If you did step 8 well it should go out as you gently press downwards and slide it to the right. If it is not moving is because the air guide had not been properly released. Caution since the radiator may hit the front fender as you take it out
To disassembly radiator and air guide try to squeeze one side of the grommets so that you make it pass through the hole to the other side.
Now I think we cracked this question.
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Does anyone knows how I can remove the plug that sits on the radiator?I am replacing the fan and I can not remove the plug!!
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