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Popping back through muffler on deceleration

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Hi guys , 07 xx with yoshi muff on her , k&n air filter . Looks like it’s got a tuner of some type under seat . Not sure when plugs changed they are a nice colour on electrode . Bike starts and runs nice but then sounds like it gets Rich and stumbles at idle , it rides fine but when throttled back starts popping back through muffler . Thinking of puttin new plugs and genuine filter in . What do you guys think ? . Any help appreciated 😊😊. Nick
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Clean O2 sensor any good ??
Depends on the tuner you have on it.
I removed the tuner it’s stock standard apart from the pipes
Ah then that's why it's sooting. They are tuned rich from the factory as a rule. It also explains the popping.
Just thought of something. Does have an 02 sensor bung in the pipe. It'll be back in the junction just before the Y split. Or just behind the rear brake Master cylinder and footpeg.
Yes it has 02 sensor fitted and looks connected , what’s your thought ?
Ah the system is going to lean out per the factory AFR. That'll make it want to pop as well.
Have you tried doing a delete on the 02 sensor to see if it stops the popping.
With your setup that thing should be running lean. I suspect your driving stuff crazy with the 02 hooked up. The system is swinging the fuel table point all over.
Are you feeling a surging at around 135 klicks. While trying to hold a steady throttle?
No problems at higher speeds ,so you recon look for codes. How do I do delete on o2 sensor ?
Checking for codes will probably give you no results but it won't hurt.
You can buy a delete plug from Dynojet. Or you can bridge the heater circuit for the sensor with a 300 ohm resistor.
The system only looks for a heater voltage.
What your dealing with is a fueling issue. Pull the 02 sensor first and see if it settles down.
What was the tuner that was in there?
Can I check that 02 sensor with meter I’m getting no ohms reading on the 2 white wires
Hey mate , thanks for all the help , I ordered that delete plug from dynotune so I’ll see how that goes when it comes
Can I check that 02 sensor with meter I’m getting no ohms reading on the 2 white wires
Yes but I'm not to sure without the schematic which 2 wires to ring out.
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