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Gents - I am the original & only owner of a 1997 Blackbird (CARB Model). The bike is 100% stock with the exception of a pair of Micron Cans & a tinted Zero Gravity Windscreen with 10,800 miles on XX. The bike has always been garaged kept & has never been on the ground. I do not ride as much as I use to because of age 63 & location (NJ). Plus I will be moving late next year to retire in NC. The last couple of years the bike has only been out a couple of times because I was taking care of elderly/sick parents. It's not fair to just sit in the garage under a cover & not be used & enjoyed

Do I sell the BB or hold? Please provide me with your thoughts? If I sell, how much could I get for the XX?



P. S. Also own 2019 Kawasaki Z900 naked bike.
Hey JTY50, I had trouble with the bird stock and had to dive into adjustments for cumfort. 6' 160lbs, now 63 after 10 years with the Jetfire and 45k miles. (Named from transformers movie long story) But I found the shim mod the best improvement for flickability with peg lower, MRS tour shield, 1 1/2" heli bars, new sprockets and chain (took away all the vibes, and last but not least staying in good core condition for long tours in search of best mountain twisties. What these guys said for the rest of why to keep.. Good luck and Go Marquez. PS MOTOGP was an inspiration to all my list!
41 - 43 of 43 Posts