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Hi Guys
firstly i sorted out the variable login password by doing a reset now at least my work pc can login... wayyyyy!!!

most importantly
im on the way to saving yet another unloved xx from the breakers yard ( 1 round of applause please ;- )
this is a 99 efi with just 18000 km or about 11000 miles on the clock and was mute black ( or at least the tank is )
it was sat unloved outside car mechanics garage for many years , was dropped on the lhs and fairing amateurely repaired and re-painted withnon standard metallic gray ( should have been mute black )
it runs, but the brakes are semi locked up
so here we go yesterday afternoon
1 take off all the plastic
2 take off the barf 🤮/hideous day running leds he had glued into the ram air intakes!!!!! and remove the spaghetti wiring sub harness
3 saw he had re glued the lens to the headlight , why???
4 took off the aftermarket exhausts, an unheard of make but sound ok if you like noise
5 flushed the footpedal cbs system , the fluid was gross and i found one of the outer pistons was frozen on place, even using hydraulic pressure it wont come out so i guess its for the scrap
6 fitted a rebuilt caliper i have in stock ( i have 2 full sets as these are always needing to be replaced
7 drained the oil ,also gross, flushed the engine 4 times till the oil was reasonably clear , fitted new filter
then it got dark and i ran out of brake fluid
so still to do
1 find a set of decent plastic, ill probably order it in china via a local friend there
2 finish off the front brakes and re bleed the cbs again ( still a little spongy )
3 take off the forks as the stanchions need polishing out , and flush the oil and refil and fit gaiters as i always do
4 paint the lower yoke as its rusty
5 possibly exchange the front calipers also as a precaution , depending if the pistions run free and release well
6 remove the wheels for paint, many small scratches on the edge of the wheel, dont know how they could get there
7 change the air filter its sure to be gross
8 balance the air valves as the idle is lumpy
9 put a shot of redex ( uk brand ) injector cleaner to clean out the injectors
10 fit the oem exhausts and polish out the minor scratches
11 find a decent screen as the oem one is far too oxidised from living outdoors
12 probably have to change the footpedal brake switch as the brake light is on continiously
13 repaint the rear wheel same small scratches on the edge of the rim
14 recover the seat as the cover it looking very aged and shiny ,or swap with one of my spares ...
15 re touch the rear sub frame as its oxidised in parts
16 re tension the cct as the chain rattles a little( i rebuild these as per instructions from the site )
17 refit the new plastic , but that will take about 2 + months to arrive
then it should look decent enough to ride...

in the meantime exit my candy red xx from 97 that i rebuilt last year to a buyer in Liege who is calling me saying it is astounded by the dual cbs braking ( i got it running to full spec )

have fun

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Hey Paul you are a legend, we need more people like you to save these great bikes from being lost, the reality is they just don't make em like they used to...
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