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We’ve had a number of requests to make it easier to sort through the for sale ads here on the board. Some of the items below are guidelines, but some are mandatory. Ads that are already posted will be left in place for the time being, but if you have one already posted, why not edit the title anyway. Any new ads should comply with the mandatory rules from now on.

  • People love pictures! Blind buying makes people somewhat skeptical - if you can, or if appropriate, include some photos of what you're trying to sell.
  • How do you want to be paid? Cash? Money Order? Paypal? A herd of sheep? Let everyone know how you'd like to exchange funds.
  • Pricing? We strongly suggest you include a price. The infamous "Make offer" statement usually just aggravates people. We all know you're expecting at least something, give us a ball park figure, and slap an OBO/ONO. (Or Best/Nearest Offer) on there! If it's free, then of course let everyone know that too.
The items below are required. We’re an international forum, so it’s particularly important to say where the item is for sale. The location must be stated in the thread title.

  • Location! You need to state in the thread title at least the country where the bike/gear/part is located. Strongly recommend also that the city be mentioned in the title (and/or the state or province if you have them where you live! Some countries are a lot bigger than others!). The comments we’ve had are often about it being a waste to follow a thread just to find the item is half way around the world. Some parts are easier to ship long distances than others. If it’s something that you’re willing to ship internationally, put that in the title too. For example:
    USA/San Fransisco/Int'l shipping
    Canada/Montreal/Local Only
    UK/Birmingham/Pick Up Only
    AUS/NSW/AUS only
  • In this particular forum, there’s no linking items that are for sale on other sites such as eBay or Craigslist. All information about the item for sale needs to be located on this forum unless it is a link to the manufacture's website. There is a separate forum for eBay, Craigslist, etc.
  • If there is information that members should know about the part/bike or gear that has been discussed somewhere on the board before (for example a repair, problem or issue that had to be - or has been - resolved), provide a link to the original posts or threads.
  • Don’t create more than one thread for an item. We ask than you do not list something for sale/trade/wanted more than once. If you have several items to sell, you can list them all in one thread or in separate threads.
If you're having trouble finding your thread it's because it has been deleted. You may not get a warning, a PM or a friendly email. It may just get removed.

Be courteous and stay safe! Keep in mind, this section is here as a courtesy to our active members and forum supporters. While we hope these few restrictions will help assure smooth transactions, you agree to conduct transactions at your own risk.
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