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Knee comfort

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Have a 99 with 145K and going strong. Me, not so much! I’m 6’6”, 65 yrs old, with bad knees from years of sports. I have the peg lowering kit from Jaws, VFR bars, Corbin seat, double bubble screen. While all these mods have helped, my time in the saddle for long rides is getting more painful for the knees. Does anyone have any other mods, especial pegs, that might help? Besides Advil!
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If you have the typical Corbin seat, there's a bucket for your tail end to plonk into, and it's about an inch and a half lower than the stock seat. Change to your stock seat to see the difference, or get an air cushion.

And move. Set a standard, like every 5 miles adjust your seating position so that all your joints are not in quite exactly the same position.

You can lower the footpegs more than the Jaws adapters. Just use a shorter footpeg and you can maintain quite a bit of your ground clearance.
i am 6ft4, had right leg reconstruction in 2004 from head on RTA, it's left my right leg deformed and with restrictive movement.

I have put a 25mm gel pad under the seat cover, to raise it slightly, fitted vario 50mm foot peg lowering extension plates, and the jaws flat bar conversion.

the pegs being 50mm are about spot on for me, they are lower than the jaws ones, the only issue is the rear break pedal is a bit high, but ive still got the brakes linked so no big problem for me.

before doing the seat and the pegs, it was a bit eye poping at times, and a bit of a problem geting my right foot off the peg in to to get it on the floor.
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