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I purchased this vest a couple of weeks ago as the temperature is dropping yet the roads are still relatively dry, so I'm still riding and I thought I would treat myself.

I got it from for about £125 with a free controller, I also purchased the battery back to go with it, to make it more versatile.

Initially I was dubious about spending so much money on just a vest, but as I spend a fair amount of time out in the cold off the bike, then I figured this may well prove to be a useful bit of kit. Also having decided that if I wanted warm hands then heated gloves/liners would ultimately be better than grips, this vest allows expansion.

Delivery was fairly quick, arriving the day I was going to spend all evening outside marshalling cars for a fireworks event. So I donned my vest hoping that the battery was charged enough to last.

I left it on low power and was comfortably warm all evening, the vest was a little large and I imagine had it been the correct size then it would have been even warmer. But I was quite happy with the performance of the vest running off of battery power alone, I didn't time how long it lasted, but on a full charge on low power then a good few hours seems plausible.

I then sent it back to get a smaller size , I admit I do feel a little guilty about using it then sending back for an exchange, but it's not like I wrecked it!

After receiving a replacement very quickly, I hooked the lead up to my bike and this morning went out for a ride. It was about 5 Celsius when I left the house and I left the vest on medium power for the 5 hours I was out. At no point was I even remotely uncomfortable or cold, and due to my core being warm, my fingers/hands were also warm.

I must say I am impressed, it is a lightweight, well fitting (take the advice online and order 2 sizes smaller) and comfortable vest. It appears to be well made and I hope it lasts me many years to come. The service I received from was excellent to boot.

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