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Hey guys.

I've just purchased a BB '99 and is being trailed-in to my house in about an hour. Looks like I be seeing yous around on this forum. I have to get over the registration/title in NY and then go get a helmet. I haven't ridden in about 20 years. (i've owned gpz900, katana750, cbr400rr when I was in my 20's.) So this should be fun.

I'm being told that the bike sat in a garage for close to 17 years mostly unused. (was told they started the engine and moved it around a bit every now and then) The bike is a creampuff. It has really minor scratches for the most part and just one visible scratch by the fairing where your left knee would go. Has 2131 miles as you see here.

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I was concerned about the bike sitting too long and its effects. But, the guy must have been anally starting it and moving it a bit periodically, because every thing is really fresh. It really looks and operates like a brand new bike. No rust on bolts or otherwise anywhere and no sun damage.

During the inspection I flipped up the Corbin seat that the original owner added and found a sticker from a shop in Daytona. My theory is that the original owner trailed the bike to Daytona with his friends for bike week for a goof in his new bike and then rode it back. It's almost exactly 1000 miles between where he lives and Daytona.
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He also had a beautiful Shovelhead that was also on sale for 8500$. The Shovelhead had a beautiful patina and mostly original. I was tempted to get it instead of the BB. I suspect he rode that for the most part. He passed away around 2018 after being sick for a long time I was told. (RIP)

So, I have some To-do's. Tire is dated '99 and original so I have to change that out. Had a new oil change, but probably do that anyway. And then bleed the brakes and cooling ?? Is that about it ?? I'm wondering how much this will cost me. I'm open to doing it myself, but I really want to start riding.

Ok folks. Talk to you guys later !
Welcome aboard the bike looks lovely at the very least an oil change and check the age of the tyres. 👍
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