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You lucky @&#$. you! Just curious if you‘d be willing to share what you shelled out for it.

As far as I know, you can never completely drain the coolant, so a flush of it would be warranted.

New battery is likely in order as well. Batteries Plus has done me very well in the past when it comes to replacing batteries at no cost if they fail before the warranty is up, and sometimes after,

+1 on the standard warm and change the oil, maybe step up the frequency for the next change.

Fuel Pressure Regulator failure is a common trait, give the used oil a whiff - if it reeks of fuel, pick up a FPR. I had the shop do mine, butI have been so unhappy with their work, I’d do it myself the next time.

Cam chain tensioner is another common failure, and I’d doubt it matters how many hours/miles have accumulated. If you hear a rattle when revving, don’t fret, its an easy fix. Mine was bad when I got my BB, at about 10 years old, and had largely sat unused for the 5 years before I got it.

Michelin Pilot Road 4’s are on my BB now, Road 5’s are out now. The Road 4’s are fantastic, and nary a flat patch after a 1500 mile interstate ride, the 5’s are probably better yet.

If you’re still in touch with the buyer/family, seek out the original saddle. Its likely in perfect shape, and its a canvas for future customization. Maybe the Corbin suits you, but you won’t have the chance to grab it later if you decide to optimize the height/width/angle. Same for the OEM cans - some folks look for them here, from time to time. Selling those new cans off may just offset your upgrades nicely.

If you’re new to the BB, there are LOTS of folks here with awesome advice and tips to make your ride more enjoyable, welcome, the bike looks sweet!!
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