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+ points
Masks are hardly used
Good food and cheap
Magnificent scenery
Cheap accom
Country roads generally little traffic
Magnificent passes
Some independent gas stations with cheap fuel especially in livigno
- points

Some roads are crowded near cities and in the alps
Famous sites are full of tourists eg Civita , 5 terre, saturnia , siena, st ulrich and strict police radar controls in the town
The toll roads are impeccible
The national roads are extremely variable in surface quality
Many are punched out or deformed / cracked cornering has to be done with caution

+ points
no masks at all
Roads in countryside are light in traffic
Road surfaces are in excellent condition allowing safe cornering
Signage is perfect
Driving level is good except for some east european tourists and bmw gs riders who are out of control
Magnificent scenery

Everything is expensive
Vignette 50 euros and the glue is like cement
Some checks at the border but if you speak german you breeze through

Use of masks limited to enclosed areas
Cheap accom
Cheap food
Decent road surfaces
Signage is good
Nice roads in the vosges mosy of them ex military from ww 1

- points
Lots of roundabouts and french dont have a clue how to use them
The yellow vests use them for their protests
Some speed cameras
Route des cretes gets crowded after 1030 am on a weekend
Same issue with bmw gs riders pushing too hard

So the trip went well and im planning one to vercors cliff hanging roads and passes


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