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Should maybe be in the resource centre section but i couldn't add a threat there. Hope its usefull to someone :)

Any questions feel free to ask ill do my best to clarify, there are also threads out there for the individual things.

Scotoiler i intalled as from the manual on their site. Vacum line from one of the cycinders, and fits nicely under the seat.
VFR bars relatively easy, need to cut the tabs of the master cycinders to allow the hoses to rotate slightly.
Manual fan switch easy, tap into black cable below relay run to switch and other cable from switch to ground.
Heated grips wired to relay powered only when ignition is on. (used power from taillight for the activation of the relay)
Air horn mounted close to the bottom of the headers where i could find some space for it. Wired to relay triggered with original switch.
USB and 12v socket wired from same relay as Heated grips. (i found wiring them without a switched relay drained my battery, i think because of the 12-5v step dows for the USB must be using something even if nothing is plugged into them.

Opinions, well...

Heated grips are a must, in most places.
VFR bars didnt actually notice much of a difference. (corbin seat was a big improvement on comfort)
Manual fan will be very handy here in spain in the summer months when in traffic.
Air horn is just awsome.
USB in the front especialy useful for using phone as satnav XD
Scottoiler is great although can be fiddly to remove and install wheel with the dual drip piece.

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