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If the computer bounces around it can make fi light come on.

My rubber strap to hold down ecu was missing so i decided to make my own.

I used

1 super heavy duty rubber band




flat head screw driver

1 first i doubled up the hd rubber band i found at a hardware store. (you can also use that tan elastic rubber tubing) and i double looped it.

2 put a little tape on it to make it easier to work with.

3 located strap securing tab (in the pink circle in the pic below.)

4 gently shoved the band through from below

5 hooked the band on one side. ( easier to do with computer lifted out of the way)

6 while holding the first side in place, i hooked the other side. so that it held it self in place. making sure both side were secure.

7 slipped in the foam that i cut to size and the computer under the rubber band.

8 I then spaced out the bands for a nice stable coverage

9 all done!

if i have any problems ill let you know.

for 99-00 models fi light will also come on when you use turn signals, brake, etc and just intermittantly because of a wiring loom, i have to do that next, cya
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