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When I was commuting I used Gerbing gloves both battery and hard wired.
A few things I noted.
Batteries lasted for an hour/hour and a quarter ............ if I didn't use full heat. This was not long enough for some of my commutes.
A stage 3 heat on battery is far lower than stage 3 heat when hard wired in (same with the lower values)
Check the cuffs go inside your jacket (most don't) so when it rains the rain runs down your sleves into your gloves ......
Yeah... that cuff thing is overlooked by way to many glove makers! My outer shell can go over my wired gloves but it isn't easy so they get used for longer rides or really cold weather. On a Goldwing you forearm slants up to the grip although a shallow angle but water doesn't run up hill. First time on the bird and I had a glove full of water! Changed my habits real quick and what I wanted in a cold weather glove!

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