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he all so makes body parts for the BB
I saw that. Good to know that they are reliable. Those Poles make some really good stuff. A couple of years ago I found some metal Adventure luggage that just blows Givi etc. out of the water......and way cheaper too. The only problem is the shipping cost to Canada. Apparently the mechanics there really know their stuff as well.

Other than the solo cowl, I don't need fairings as I got lucky and got a full somewhat undamaged set locally for a good price. The owner had done a really bad rattle can job on them. They will get painted once I am sure about what colour I want.

Did you paint those fairings yourself? They are just glistening!

This might interest you. Kevlar/Carbon They make them upon order in Germany. The quality and fit are really good. Protection and looks all in one. They make them for both sides.

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