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Half-Cover that fits?

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Has anyone had any luck i finding a half-cover that fits and doesn't fly off with the slightest breeze? I've tried two, and am evidently looking for Goldilocks.

I tried the Dowco Guardian (Sport Bike size), which indicates that it is sized to fit a 'busa, so figured it should fit the BB. It barely fits onto the bike, possibly extending 3in past the tail tip, and stays intact for anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 hours. (Returned for refund)

I tried the Nelson-rigg UV-2000, XL Size, as it is stated to fit a touring bike, and I'm riding with OEM bags. This cover fit just about like my full cover, but it was going to contact the hot muffler tips, defeating the purpose of a half cover. It was a giant sail if I didn't tuck it around the bags, so it was clearly not going to work. (Returned)

For me, this means ordering what looks as though it'll fit, once it comes in, jump on the interstate for a 90 minute round-trip to the bike shop (or pay $8 for shipping that I don't get back if I return the item), try it on, return if it doesn't work out. 3 trips so far, both I and Cycle Gear are at the losing end, UPS is making out just fine.

I don't really care if the side bags are covered I'm primarily wanting to give the dash a little protection from dust, UV, misting rain, and the same for the saddle. Depending upon which way the wind is blowing, I can get some nasty fallout on the bike while parked at work, so the cover helps out the paint on those 12-hour work days.

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This should solve your dilemma. Excellent company, inexpensive, well-made with great warranty and durable! It’ll easily store folded under your seat; very compact. Size “large” is a good fit. If you have a top case or panniers, order the XL. I use mine for day-rides!

Oxford - Umbratex Motorcycle Cover

For my long distance jaunts, I carry this. It fits perfectly with or without panniers but I have to remove my top-box. Been using for 5 years when last season I had a small amount of moisture on my tank after a heavy down pour. Nelson-Rigg had me show my Amazon receipt then instructed me to send a video of me destroying the original (which was kinda sad), then promptly overnighted me a brand new one free of charge. Now that’s service! Size, “sport bike”. Fits my ‘bird and 1200F perfectly with or without panniers (without top-cases).

Nelson Rigg Defender Extreme Sport Bike Cover, Fits most CBR, R1, R3, GSXR, Ninja, Hayabusa, S1000R, and others

…one last note, I use the Oxford Pro-stretch on all my bikes for indoor storage…I use the XL for the ‘bird


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I also have a Giza pro-extreme but it doesn’t keep the condensation out. That’s why I travel mainly with with the Nelson-rigg defender-extreme (previous post) and day-ride/commute with the Oxford umbratex. Cheers!
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