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For Sale parts from 97 CBR1100xx

Left Side (some damage) 35.00+shipping
Right Side (good shape) 50.00+shipping (SOLD and SHIPPED)
Front Fairing (rough shape) offer+shipping
Brake light (plug ends cut off working) 20.00+shipping
Turn signals (good shape working) both 35.00+shipping
License plate light (good shape working) 15.00+shipping

All prices are negotionable, please check pics and know your pieces. I prefer paypal for payment. Left side 3 (Medium).jpg Brake and signal lights(Medium).jpg Frt Fairing 3(Medium).jpg Frt Fairing 2(Medium).jpg Frt Fairing 1(Medium).jpg Frt Fairing 4(Medium).jpg View attachment 27255 View attachment 27254 Left side 2 (Medium).jpg Left side 1 (Medium).jpg IMG_20110612_114028 (Medium).jpg

1 - 5 of 5 Posts