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Hi all,

Had a great run out to Scarborough today to watch the biking at Olivers Mount. Hot but breezy so quite a good day out...

A few of you may remember I've experienced a couple of electrical niggles with my indicators failing to operate consistantly for no apparent reason - thought it was a dirty contact, but today on my way home they failed again - then decided to work (WTF?)

About 2 miles from home the FI Warning light started to glow... I was on low revs and the fuel was getting low. I dropped a couple of gears and initially it went off for a while but then started to glow again... bike seemed to be functioning properly. Sometimes it glowed at higher revs then at low.. seemed not to be a consistant pattern.

Whilst searching the site - came agross this thread which does seem vaguely relevant. I've checked the history of the bike and there has been some wiring loom mods carried out.

Could any of you spread some light as to where I need to START looking please.

My bike is a 2000 with 30K (now :)) full service history etc and all bills - I'm hoping it is something simple.... :doh:

Thanks in advance - Steve
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