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Dear All,

I recently began to care for the motorbike a bit and fixed the charging issues it had.

I noted when chatting to Duck that an exhaust clamp was close to breaking.

Lo and behold, after one particularly enthusiastic gunning session, it had broken and worked loose. I removed it - the exhaust didnt nearly fall off.

I then looked for a moment and for the sake of 6 more bolts, i would remove the cans, wlean the pipes off etc.

I am not a smart or mature person and with the exhaust cans off, I wondered how loud it could be totally unsilenced. The answer is (and I did put plugs in) 'farkling loud'!

I have now got some delkevic cans coming to rectify my immature transgression.

Question is, do I go out canless and give her a quick ride 'for science'?


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