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desperate for help - Stranded in Ireland with BB that just won't fire.

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As the title suggests I'm stuck in South Ireland very near the beautiful Healy pass (famous biker route).

To cut a long story the bike has performed beautiful all way here but yesterday before setting out started on the button but mysterious cut out - started again and then failed 40 miles into journey. She cut out quite abruptly - the next 9 hours was spent at side of road stripping the bird to look for anything obvious. I'm at my wits end as I'm stranded at a b and b with the bike parked up.

The fuel primes, starter fine, hiss light goes out but the damn thing just won't fire. It has started but run for a few minutes before dieing again. I have a funny feeling that a poor earth to blame or the ignition key not talking to hiss properly (I have a spare at home which is being posted).

Any help gratefully received.

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Could it be fuel? I have full tank.
How would I check for fuel being delivered to injection rail? I have decent tool set.

Kind regards Jonathan
If she stopped abruptly, then I would suspect an electrical rather than fuel problem.
1. Does it have or did it have an aftermarket alarm system?
2. Check for fault in the stop/start circuit. Side stand switch, tip over switch etc.
3. Pull the rear cowl, there is an unused 2 pin connector near the rear lights. Jump it with a paperclip to reveal 2 digit codes. FI light will flash the codes Morse code style.
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I had a similar issue once due to the ecu being loose and a wire broke.

Has it had the loom port fix?

Managed to check for spark?
Hi smokeyfish,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, we did check for spark and found nothing - well certainly not conclusive (read on). Funnily enough as a very kind gentleman (passer by and fellow biker) was helping (or mainly leading tbf) the repair effort (at side of the road) this was one of his checks.
On turning the bike over (whilst earthing the plug) the bike suddenly sprang to life (running on 3 cylinders). We had just prior to this fiddled with the female port of both connector blocks in an attempt to tighten up connections of ecu.
So anyway going back, with the bike firing, whilst earthing the taken out plug (even though we were looking for spark) we sort of didn't see a spark if that makes sense? The bike however did run. I quicky hit the kill switch - not sure why tbh, and we both started to put the bike back together thinking perhaps that it was now cured (after fiddling with connections of ecu).
I continued my journey with my new found friend for a few miles until An Sibin (at foot of Healy pass) where we stopped for a celebration coffee only to find on return the bike fired fine but cut out almost instantly.

Tbh it's been a nightmare from start to finish - the bike is still in Ireland and I've landed back in Wales early this afternoon.

What is the loom port fix please smokey?

When I get the bike recovered back home I'll look in that direction for sure as I'm positive it's something really simple but unpinpointable if that makes sense?

Kind regards Jonathan
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The nightmare being the bike of course lol, the Ireland, and people of, have been nothing short of unbelievable and although my trip ended very prematurely in disaster I've met some wonderful folk who went above and beyond.

Ps - if you're referring to the loom port fix as the snakes honeymoon of Earth's that are recommended to be soldered together then yes (it was done before I had the bike and checked over) - when I had issue with pump not priming (a few years ago).

Kind regards Jonathan
If it's another loom port fix then I'm very eager to hear of anything that may help.

My next move is to get the bike recovered home to start stripping down I guess?

Hi fizzy, thank you for your reply.

You may have caught up im not with bike now but will add to my list of possibles when I get bike back.
No aftermarket alarm just the standard hiss. We checked side stand switch and was ok (my new found friend only had a bulb on two leads to check for continuity) but the tip switch wasn't checked as Im not sure where that is. Yes, I'll bridge the plug in time to get the Morse code read out.

Kind regards Jonathan.
Didn't see your reply fizzy until now.
Stuck in Ireland, would that be Murphy's law? :unsure:
Keep us updated on the fix.
Aye, something like that lol.
Ill be sure to let you know when I get her fixed.
Where is the tip switch please, and how best to rule this out?

Kind regards Jonathan.
Aye, something like that lol.
Ill be sure to let you know when I get her fixed.
Where is the tip switch please, and how best to rule this out?

Kind regards Jonathan.
Hi Blueskies, any progress? Did you manage to bring the bike back to life?
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