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To keep busy under Covid lockdown I've added yet another project to my crazy ongoing list. This time turning to my seats.

Last year I bought a Corbin Smuggler: good structurally and cosmetically (bar a few scratches and being the wrong colour) though it's missing its keys too.

So it's been on my cards to refurb it: strip, fill, respray plus new lock. Fyi I replaced the original plastic locks in my Corbin Beetle Bags years back to chromed/ steel versions with waterproof flip lids… rains too much here in the UK the original springs in the old locks had rusted through.

So new locks (SouthCo) to match those on my bags (same barrel number) gives me the added upside of a monokey set up… ideally I want to swap Givi and Corbin barrels so my luggage options (Givi and Corbin) all open on a monokey system. That's 6 locks in total. Anyway I digress as that's yet another project.

So after having ridden with the Smuggler on my BB I find the seat much harder than my Top Sellerie gelled seat and wider on the inner thigh (sharp edged). Both I believe are known characteristics of the Smugglers and neither do I like.

So I wish to remodel the front half (either simply more padding but potentially wishing to narrow the width or ease the sharpness of the edges between my thighs. Extra padding may solve both or replace the front entirely.

I could mod the front end by say replacing it with the front end chopped off from my Top Sellerie seat (working out how to bolt it to the Corbin rear). For those unfamiliar with the Corbin Smuggler it comes in two halves bolted together already so the task is half way there.

The other idea is making it magically convert from a solo seat to a dual by adding a pillion cushion without losing the smuggler mini load carrying boot/ trunk. So upholster the lid, have swappable lids, have a ditachable pillion pad (bolted, quick release or suction cupped (yuck) or some sort of two sided lid flip lid (not keen to lose smuggler trunk/ boot space) .

Has anyone done or attempted any of these mods?

Rgds Mallow1
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