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My wife has decided after 9 years to let her 'Bird go. 38,400 miles. Title in hand.


Comes with the following upgrades:

->Racetech Springs upfront
-> Corbin gunfighter seat
-> Zero Gravity Tinted Windshield
-> Black Frame Plugs
-> Two Brothers Black Series Titanium slip-ons (they sound awesome)
-> Jetted Carbs
-> LED Dash Lights
->Custom Dynamics Knight Riderz Sequential LED Light Bar with flashing brake alert

Michelin Pilot Road Tires have a bit of life left on them (a few thousand miles). No dents or cracks but there are some minor scratches on tank (no peeling) CCT has also been replaced. If interested e-mail me and I can send you some detailed pictures.

IMG_3910.jpg IMG_3911.jpg IMG_3912.jpg IMG_3913.jpg IMG_3914.jpg IMG_3915.jpg IMG_3916.jpg IMG_3923.jpg

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