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Simple task and there are several ways around it. My method is below.
Firstly replace the sprockets at the same time as the chain otherwise you could knacker the new chain in double quick time - JAWS will be able to sort you out with the whole lot at the most reasonable price in the UK.

1. Remove the cover to the front sprocket. This is done by releasing the 4 or 5 bolts (thin socket best tool for this) 2 of these hold the clutch slave cylinder in place you need not remove the 3rd slave cylinder mounting bolt but if you do it doesnt matter. Pull the cover off (need to pull the sidestand wiring out of the way probably) this releases the slave cylinder from the clutch pushrod.
2. Release the front sprocket mounting bolt ....... socket and leverage, stand on rear brake ............ just don't hammer the socket T bar.
3. Loosen rear wheel. Lift bike enough to be able to get the rear wheel out. (piece of 4x2 under the centre stand is enough)
3. Take 4" angle grinder and cut through chain on rear sprocket - why bother to grind the heads off the chain pins before using a press when you are going to bin the chain anyway!
4. Bin chain debris
5. Remove front sprocket.
6 Take the opportunity to clean this area well including the clutch pushrod.
7 Remove rear wheel. Replace sprocket. Replace wheel
8 Fit new front sprocket and hand tighten nut.
9 Mount new chain and join with soft link. (you will need a heavy duty chain tool to pein the end of the soft link over, although I have seen it done with a pair of large hammers - not nice!)
10 Adjust chain.
11 Return bike to ground
11 Torque up front sprocket - may need to stand on rear brake if bike is in gear. Replace cover and check clutch operation.
11 Enjoy newly found smooth ride!

EDIT - not the complete guide by some way but I've added in a few more 'steps'.

Thanks. I'm about to change mine out on my '97.

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Choose your ratio wisely.
Changed the sprockets on the '97 I owned.
Went with 530 Renthal steel 18 tooth on the front and 530 Vortex aluminum 44 tooth in the back.
I'm fairly light, 5'8" @170lbs and I wanted to get more fuel economy thats why the higher ratio.
Did the exact same sprocket set on the '00 I own.
Normally I don't ride my '00 hard because I'm sure, with the higher ratio, it would ware the clutch faster.
Its one thing to consider.
But like The Duck says, its real easy to do and it is. On a ccale of 1 to 10, I'd say its a 3 or 4.
The only other thing you might need to replace, is the damper set in the rear drive (06410-MAT-E00).
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