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We've all had these fail. But here's a tip that may well give you a bunch more miles out of your existing unit. I've written this a few times so I figured I'd make a post for everyone.

Now here's a tip for you, don't bin the old one. You can fix it and reuse it. Here's what worked for me.
Pull the tensioner, at the base you will see a wire clip. Carefully pry that out of the groove. If you look you will see the plate has 4 wings 2 are larger that the others, mark one of them with a marker. If you also look carefully you will see a notch machined the comes up out of the groove. That is the perch for the tensioner spring. You should see a very fine wire in there. That's the end of the tensioner spring. Just get a look at it for reference. Now the sort of tricky part. Carefully lift the base plate up out of the body, keep a good hold on it. There is spring tension present, not a whole lot but still there. note your mark and turn the base plate 2 more turns tighter ( I want to say clockwise). then replace the hat back in the body reset the lockwire (little tip here I try to set it so that the ends are on the body and not across a gap). Your done, I've got one of these in my BB that was rattling. I's gone over 30,000 miles since and is still working great. I've also modifies the 4 others I had laying in my parts cabinet as well.
Oh and if you loose the spring from the plate and it unwinds. Don't panic at the bottom of the adjuster shank inside the body you will see its got a notch across the end. This is where the bottom end of the spring seats. Put it back on then set the other end in the slot I described above and put 10 turns to get the factory setting then go 2 more and your set.
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