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Remember that famous quote of Mark Twain? He once apologized to someone for writing too lengthy of a letter. He said something like:

'Sorry the letter was so long....if I would have had more time I would have been briefer.'

The implication, obviously, is that good writing is edited, concise and to the point.

Ok, with that (too long?) intro, here's where I get to the motorcycle part of the story.

A little over a month ago I found a 2010 Concours for sale. Locally. And the price was reallllllyyyyyy low. When I saw it I did a double-take.

Then later, I noticed the price had been lowered. Then lowered again.

I couldn't resist, I went to look at it. After riding it, I made an offer. A lower offer. He accepted.

Now, the only problem- if you can call it a problem- was that I already had a XX.

A little later I decided that I didn't want to own two in-line fours. So I would sell the older bike, the Blackbird.

I even listed it for sale. Briefly.

Small snag though. I couldn't do it.

Each time I rode the XX, a little voice inside would say, "you can't sell it. You will regret it."

So, after owning and riding both, I offer my humble assessment, Mark Twain-style.

Concours: A really, really nice bike.
Blackbird: A great bike.

That's it. That's my really tight, concise comparison.

Anyone looking for a 2010 Connie?
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