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I am selling a Bursig Paddock Race stand- simply the best. My new to me bike is not supported due to age , it is a collector plate ready 96 ZX11. This stand makes bike work and movement of the bike while on stand simple the best. Wanna drop a front end or remove a swingarm? You can very easily!

- Bursig Paddock Centre stand
- made in Germany = quality
- CBR1100XX adapter inlc, I also used w my ZX14 but now have sold it and current bike
- stand allows one to strip bike down to frame alone
- supports Honda, Kawasawki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, KTM, MV Augusta, Triumph

You can see my past XX on stand in post #176 page 12

$595 CA shipped w a XX plate or ZX14 plate
$450 US shipped w a XX plate or ZX14 plate is $530 US shipped w/o plate adapter it is sold separate and direct is $584 w plate shipped in Conti US
Purchasing in BC Canada this stand w incl plate is $885ca + shipping if needed, that's sale price, reg is $908ca plus tax & ship if required
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