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I bought my 06 Bird in 07. The Datatool alarm was fitted by the dealer when the bike was new, I bought the bike s/h a year later. It packed in over this winter, wouldn't do anything when you pressed the controller buttons, it is 17 years old.
The bike still started and run but I decided to remove the alarm, rather than have it re-activate and leave me stranded when out riding.
As you can see from the photo, the yellow and white wires have never been connected to anything. They should have been connected in-line to the ignition coil circuit, to stop the bike from starting/running.
If not de-activated, the alarm sounded when the ignition was switched on, so I never tried to start the bike but because these two wires were not connected, it was possible to start and ride the bike with the alarm sounding.
So if you have an alarm fitted, its worth checking every function its supposed to have.

Yellow Gas Art Wire Electrical wiring
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