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'97 XX - 25 Year Anniversary

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Hello All. Long time member, been absent a while though. I thought I'd post a little something to show off my 25 year XX anniversary ! I bought this '97 model brand new in May of '98. It has been an incredible machine. At a little over 100K miles, it's barely had any issues at all, and never anything serious. It has aged far better than I have :)

There have been no mechanical mods to it, just comfort and convenience add-ons.

I toyed with the idea of selling it in 2016, but couldn't go thru with it, I'm so glad I kept it. Having kids has slowed down the odometer quite a bit, but it still slowly accumulates more miles.

What a brilliant motorcycle! It still turns heads everywhere it goes.


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My wife has nicknamed mine "the Mistress".
As she just turned 25 (the bike not the wife) she is now on "club plates" which allow low cost registration of vintage vehicles in Australia. Reason to love her even more.
That’s a nice name to call it lol
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