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'97 XX - 25 Year Anniversary

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Hello All. Long time member, been absent a while though. I thought I'd post a little something to show off my 25 year XX anniversary ! I bought this '97 model brand new in May of '98. It has been an incredible machine. At a little over 100K miles, it's barely had any issues at all, and never anything serious. It has aged far better than I have :)

There have been no mechanical mods to it, just comfort and convenience add-ons.

I toyed with the idea of selling it in 2016, but couldn't go thru with it, I'm so glad I kept it. Having kids has slowed down the odometer quite a bit, but it still slowly accumulates more miles.

What a brilliant motorcycle! It still turns heads everywhere it goes.


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Happy anniversary!!

Glad you're still enjoying the ride.
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