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'97 XX - 25 Year Anniversary

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Hello All. Long time member, been absent a while though. I thought I'd post a little something to show off my 25 year XX anniversary ! I bought this '97 model brand new in May of '98. It has been an incredible machine. At a little over 100K miles, it's barely had any issues at all, and never anything serious. It has aged far better than I have :)

There have been no mechanical mods to it, just comfort and convenience add-ons.

I toyed with the idea of selling it in 2016, but couldn't go thru with it, I'm so glad I kept it. Having kids has slowed down the odometer quite a bit, but it still slowly accumulates more miles.

What a brilliant motorcycle! It still turns heads everywhere it goes.


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That's a great story and glad you posted, It says a lot about a bike that someone will keep it for twenty-five years; that's an endorsement to say the least. And glad to hear [again] the high miles and low overall maintenance cost. I like the Panniers. I got thinking about these bikes late last year and bought this 03, last thing I needed but I think these bikes are perfect.
Wondering if I might have the same aftermarket windshield as your's, mine's got a sticker says "zero gravity". I've only ridden it once, home slow in heavy rain where I bought it from four months ago, wondering how you like it over the stock windshield, it looks like it might lift the air over a not too tucked down position.
Nice looking '03, it's been kept up really well. Whenever I post a bike pic without fail the first thing someone asks about is what screen I have :) My windscreen is made by Secdem. I've tried quite a few and it's my favorite. I'll never use the stock screen again, for my kind of riding it's just insufficient. The way the Secdem fits against the nose cowling isn't as well done as some other manufacturers, but the wind deflection is just right for me at about 6'-1" tall. I also have lowered pegs, taller bars(VFR) and a Corbin saddle... makes for a really comfortable riding position.

The Panniers are great, but be aware.... the extra weight of a loaded down luggage setup required a rear shock upgrade to handle properly. I take them off occasionally because I prefer the look without them, but them I immediately wish I had somewhere to stash my stuff so I put them right back on.

My screen finally developed a small crack so I'll be ordering a new one before too long. For now Flextape is managing :)
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