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I did some fiddling with the dashboard lights this year, so I can help you out, but the thing is I can't find the pinout for the dashboard connector, I thought I had my folders sorted but I can't seem to find it now. But I needed the pinout to test this new backlight that I can change over from a phone, stupid gimmick but I did it for educational purposes, I just ride it with blue / white combination only.

So if you look take apart the entire dashboard PCB, you'll see pins 1, 8, 9 and 16 numbered.

Pin 15 - ground
Pin 7 - backlight
Pin 8 - numbers

I really can't find any better pics, dammit with categorizing and sorting folders, this is the only pic I have of the numbering, hope it helps.

Let me know if it works and also let me know which method did you use to put the RPM needle back in its place, how did you zero it in on 0rpm and how did you ensure that it moves up and down with revs properly. I did manage the zero'ing but I always have trouble making the needle follow the RPM's I think mine lags now a bit, and goes back down bit slower than it's supposed to.
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