I have decided to sell my 2003 XX. I’ve ridden it less than 10 minutes; I’m 68 and I realize I don’t have the balance or the wrists I did 20 years ago so I am sticking with my car.

16,000 miles
Purchase price: $5,000 (picked it up in San Diego last fall)
Front to back service at TwoWheel DynoWorks in Seattle: $4,500 with Delkevic exhaust (an ok install, not great) and new front tire. Dyno run was 141.56 per attached.

Mods painstakingly performed by me:
Performed the Shindy
Performed the Bandit switchgear install.
Installed white LED turn signals per above.
Replaced L&R turn signal covers.
Replaced L&R rear blinkers.
Installed new RH switchgear.
Replaced both grips and guts.
Installed a Throttle Meister.
Replaced L&R step arm, rubber step and feelers.
Replaced front fender.
New Nitron shock, not yet installed.

The plastic is near perfect. There is some minor wear on the rear cowl where the previous owner had bags, but a good paint shop could fix it. I dropped the bike in the rain taking it off the trailer. Fortunately all the plastic was off and the damage was to the bar end with the throttle meister and it tore a feeler off. But now the front tire is a bit stiff so something else must have jammed. At any rate I am through putting money into it. I also have multiple parts that I ordered for cosmetic reasons. There really is quite a bit here. I do not have the original exhaust.

I was going to change the head bearings but did not. I did however assemble the complete Honda head bearing tool kit as per the official Honda service manual (included). I have the tapered bearings. The head bearing toolkit and bearings are an extra separate item if you are interested.

I am also willing to part with my trailer and Condor wheel mount (the best) for a reasonable offer. I added heavy duty pad eyes and under deck reinforcements.

I am not ready to part with the Abba SkySlift, but would rather keep it and sell separately at time of bike sale.

Please let me know if you’d like additional pictures. I really don’t know what to ask for this package, I have put thousands into it. I’m all ears If you’d like to make an offer.