Hi y'all. The time has come to sell my BB. I have owned it since 2018. First owner was a detective up in Orange county.
Bike is in great condition. No modifications. Everything works. A few wear chips on the wheels. Never seen rain to my knowledge. Bike had the original tires on it when I bought it.
Had a right side tipover after a foot surgery. Cracked the lower corner of the front cowl and the tail cowl. Right side fairing was scratched down low. Replaced the nose cowl with Honda NOS. Local bike shop, run by a couple of racers, repaired the tail cowl and fairing.
Included are items collected over the years. +1" Galfer clutch cable, brake master cylinder rebuild kit, Starter/kill switch assy, tank bra, bike cover, rear rack, 2nd set of original exhaust cans, ABM/Spiegler Superbike handlebar kit and a NOS right side 1999 fairning. Also the repaired and repainted nose cowl.