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Thats the one I was thinking off, Ice Boats, They do Hammer, Scarily Fast,

But I thought they only did it in Canada, Montana, Hey, My new lesson for the day, Thanks,

I am not a Hero, On a Catamaran, You just run before the wind in heavy seas with no problems,

The cockpit and rear of the boat is level and flat, Its very comfortable, irrespective of the wind strength,

The front goes thru the water in a corkscrew fashion,

The front half of the boat is Suicidal, Dunny, main bedroom, Shower, Front deck,

on the front deck, only with a Full Harness and a central safety line, Thats short enough so that you cant go over the side,

You go over the side, The force of the water will hold you there and you cant get back on the boat,

Utube, Crossing the Tasman in a Gemini, Video's just dont do the waves justice, They make the waves look Tame, Hahahaha,

The piccy, Waiting for the tide,


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I said the secret word and bought this bike Sunday, 2-16! Believe me, this baby is everything XXX99 said it was! Thanks Dave! Looking forward to many, many fast and safe miles in Montana!
Hey your very welcome John! I know you will love the bike... She is a beauty :) for me to find a cheap bird to turbo as my friend is re-thinking the sale of his. I knew this would happen....owe well the cherry bird went to a very good owner.
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