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In June 2013, I found this amazing machine on this site and bought it from Adam S. in Denver. After a careful review of photos, video clips and discussion, I paid the asking price and had it shipped to San Jose. Now 8 years later it’s someone else’s turn to own this one-of-a-kind super cruiser.

I have all of the upgrade receipts from the original owner. He was a doctor in Milford, Michigan living about 5 miles from the GM proving grounds. I never had a chance to talk to him but you can see from the shopping list he made, the bike was special from the start. I love this bike and would not be parting with it if not for an inner-ear issue with turning balance. So, here are the facts.

2002 CBR 1100 XX Blackbird

26,354 miles current odometer.
190+ mph top speed. (not with me.)
More than $12,000 spent in enhancement. See parts list image.

Custom Features: see parts list image for complete list from original owner.
  • Ohlins and Racetech adjustable shocks
  • Erion cooling full system
  • Engine detail: Falicon Supercrank, clean ports, match seats, cylinder head, camshaft, chains, etc.
  • Carrozzeria Wheels (very light, making steering agile)
  • TSR Brembo Mounting Kit
  • Goodridge Brake Components
  • Powerlet Plugs & Sockets for headed vest, etc.
  • Pirelli 120/70 & 180/55 ZR 17 M/C (58w) 1/3 used in the middle.
  • Many titanium bits parts

I have added nothing to the bike except scheduled maintenance items, upgrade to Scorpion Stinger Lithium Battery SSTZ14S-FP, Synthetic Oil (Motul), air filters, etc.

Location: Westside San Jose, CA for a local pick-up.

Shipping: Any shipping must be arranged by you and I will be present during loading with pictures of the bike leaving. Bike has a CA title.

Fit & Finish - The paint all around is clean with a few blemishes. Never dropped by me or anyone else that I can tell. Always in garage for storage. Seat like new. Check out the photos to see current condition. Bike is sold as-is. Please ask any questions.

Price: $5,850 firm. Cash or certified bank check.
When money is transferred, I will Priority Mail you the title and relevant documentation ( all receipts, keys, dyno sheet, owner manual, etc.)

Issues: If you look close at the dash image you will notice the 12 mph speed indicated while in the garage. I have purchased a replacement sending unit for the speed sensor. Not installed at this point. Can’t guarantee the will fix the problem.

All other controls and indicators working as expected.
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So based on feedback, I expect I need to lower the price to find a buyer. So here it is: $5,100
Let me know if there are any questions.

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Is this bike still available? I sent a text message
As well. I'm very interested. Pleas get back to me. Thanks

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Getting nibbles. Still available. Selling price $4,900. Let me know if you have any questions.
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