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1998 CBR1100XX Super Blackbird
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Good day Folks,

Here is my story and challenge.. My bird stood since February 2022, until end of October. Waited for new fairing kit after a small cosmetic damage only accident. Parts arrived, so I started with the clean up and inspection process of the entire bike. Replaced engine oil and filter, topped up water and replaced the battery (after several jump starts using a 12 volt dedicated jump kit). The bike started first turn and idled proper. Took her for a ride and all went perfectly well, no misfire, no jerking, all was just perfect.
Then, brought her in to the workshop and noticed a small water leak on the pipe on the back side of the engine (under the seat, just above the gearbox casing, in the centre of the engine, thick black pipe with two bolts fastening into the block). I removed it the next day and quite a lot of coolant drained out of it. Replaced the gasket, and topped up the coolant again.
Tried starting, and nothing... It turns and started with a very rough idle only once and then cut out. Tried starting ever since, but nothing, no ignition.
I checked the following:
Fuel flow from the petcock down to carburettors is good
Throttle cable and choke cables are good
All 4 carburettors are opening and closing as always
No blockage of air intake or filter
Fuel pipes and fuel vacuum pipe whole and not leaking
Tested and checked all 4 spark plugs and plug wires and had good spark

Any advise would be appreciated.

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