Gauging interest here. We are moving in June and I don't want to haul this with me.

1997 Blackbird 16xxx miles. I bought it in 2009, rode a bit that year and then let it sit for 9 months during which time the gas went bad and gummed up everything. I cleaned the carbs replaced the spark plugs and it ran for couple of days before I discovered the gas tank was rusted. I attempted to clean the tank several times with no success and finally bought a very clean used one on ebay which has not been installed. I cleaned the carbs again and put another new set of plugs. Carbs might need to be synched also.

Bike was in great shape prior to being stored but now I see that the rear master cylinder is dry. Not sure what else but it definitely a project I don't have time or desire for. Clear title in hand.

If anyone is interested let me know and i can post some pictures.