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  1. Member Classifieds
    Been looking on eBay and not sure I can stretch to the 'brand new' costs. Cheers in advance! :thumb: PS Wouldn't it be handy if anyone selling or wanting to buy stuff, put the initials of their country in the subject heading, like wot I have? Be handier for large items - so you don't get...
  2. Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    I'm looking at starting a 70 km commute (each way) this summer to a new job...looking for advice on luggage but especially Tank Bags..there are lots out there and I like the idea of having a GPS window-pocket and a cell phone window-pocket, any good/bad experiences? Will also eventually be...
  3. Parts For Sale
    :clap:Hey anybody interested in buying a electric blue AXIO tank bag only used once for 10 mile ride(bought wrong color) it is like new, holds up to 16" laptop, zippered pockets inside and outside, hard shell top, selling for $40.00 plus shipping.
  4. Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Hi guys, Searched this forum for tank bags and found a number of supporters of Bagster tank bags. Did a Google search on these, to find out they are a European based company and I have found websites that sell them only out of France and the UK. Since a few of you have Bagster tank bags in...
1-4 of 4 Results