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  1. New chain and sprocket kit, GIVI side racks, black plastics, fuel pump gaskets, etc

    Parts For Sale
    Hello all, a friend gave me his 1999 bird that was stored in a garage for 7 years after a crash. I brought it back to life over the last couple of months, and now I'm selling off what I no longer need. All prices are without shipping. I'll charge you whatever the post office charges me, so...
  2. Is one of these worth it, please help!

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Need to get a new change but don't have a lot of money and i know i have posted like this before but I'm just in a hurry right now haha. Anyway will someone please tell me if any of these chains and sprockets are worth it. keeping in mind i want the cheapest possible that will still work...

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Here are some photos of the oiler on the bike. Be very careful connecting the tube from the oiler to the delivery tube as that connector is very easy to bend and brake, I broke mine and had to go the the auto parts store and get a connector. I also drilled and tapped the inside of the swingarm...
  4. My New Blackbird in TX

    Hey guys. I finally got a way from the hard riding sportbikes. Well, kind of. Still love my RC51. Anyways, I have a 2003 CBR1100xx and had questions. 1. If I stay with current set up(stock), what is the best chain? I like D.I.D. 2. Should I do a sprocket change? 3. Power Commander worth it...
  5. Gearbox clunk from standstill

    Suspension / Tires / Wheels / Brakes
    Hi there, When I set off from a standstill, there is a noticeable clunk/click from the front sprocket area before the play is taken up and I move off. When the bike is on the centre stand, in gear with the engine off, the wheel can be rotated back and forth maybe an inch/inch and a half at the...