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  1. '97 coughs at ~7k RPM

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi everyone, Just picked up a '97 Blackbird. Lovely condition and rides great, except for one problem. When accelerating, it pulls strongly up to around 7k RPM, cuts out briefly, then continues pulling strongly. It's less noticeable when accelerating hard as it powers right past it, but you...
  2. Weird starting issue (engine decides to spin but not fire)

    General CBR XX Discussion
    Hi All, Hope everyone is well! I've had the weirdest issue with the 'bird lately. In the last two weeks it hasn't wanted to start on two separate occasions about 2 weeks apart. Here's what happened the first time: Ridden 7 miles, killed the engine and stopped for 10 minutes (food...
  3. No spark, possible bad CDI? Please help!!

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    I have a 98 BBird Carb with 61000 km. So here is my problem: Yesterday it just refused to start, engine ticks over but no ignition. I could smell fuel coming from the exhaust so knew it wasn't fuel related. Next I ripped the tank and air-box off to test spark, tested spark against the body...
  4. need some help please

    Engine / Airbox / Exhaust / Fuel Delivery
    i have a 1997 xx with 33k miles and upon cold start with choke on it is barely starting it chugs along for 5 sec at about 500rpm and dies then restart chugs at about 9 for a few more sec and then slowly climbs to 2k after it warms up it runs pretty good but i can feel the rpms wanting to drop...