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  1. Introductions
    hi every bikelovers! i am new here, glad that i've found this platform. i will have a couple of questions, i hope i am writing in the right page. i had a crash 2 years ago, beside my broken ego and some shoulder bones, i had broken the right mirror connecting aluminium bracket, badly scratched...
  2. Australia
    Can anyone advise on a GOOD Mechanic in Adelaide. An old post from 2012 list "Aaron at Road and Race on Churchill road kilburn" is this still the case Cheers :)
  3. Northwest USA
    Anybody in the greater Seattle area ever use Seattle Cycle Center for service? I dropped my bike off a couple weeks ago for new tires, oil change and some carb work. Finally got the bike back Saturday, after waiting two weeks for them to get to it, and when i went to ride it today there were...
  4. General CBR XX Discussion
    Hello. I bought my 03 bird with no user manual or service or repair documentation. The previous owner I bought it from did self service, so he did not care. So. What is the proper service interval ? And what do it do in the service intervalls ? Like changing brake fluid etc. Mine have noe about...
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Guy I bought my '99 Bird from didn't have a maintenance book. I'm wondering what the maintenance intervals are. I bought the bike with about 33,600 kilometers on it 2 weeks ago and already added about 1,000 kilometers, so I'm nearing 35,000 kilometers. Since there is no maintenance book...
1-5 of 5 Results