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  1. Black Beetle Bags I am willing to pay $900

    I am looking for Black Beetle Bags in Great condition with hardware included and I am willing to pay $900.
  2. Did Honda Offer Hard Bags on the 'Bird in Europe? If so, I want them.

    Body / Paint / Electrical / Lights
    Did Honda offer hard bags on the CBR1100XX in Europe towards the end of it production life? They were VFR bags, right? I'd like to get a set of mounts for my bike and retrofit it. I can source bags here in the US but the mounts will have to be imported. Brent
  3. Nelson Rigg SSC150 saddlebags

    Riding Gear / Luggage / Electronics
    Installed my Nelson Rigg luggage today and completed my VFR800 bars conversion. I haven't ridden with these yet, will do so tomorrow evening and am looking forward to it. The luggage was a piece of cake to install, just lay them over and find a place for the straps. I'll post an update after the...